Prognozy mówią, że Galaxy S10 sprzeda się świetnie. Ale czy rzeczywiście tak będzie?

Galaxy Series S10 jest jednym z najgłośniej, jeśli nie najgłośniejsze Prime 2019 roku. Pomimo faktu, że pierwszy dzień wcześniej sprzedawane tylko 140.000 tych urządzeń w wyniku dość słaba, według jednego znanego analityka Galaxy S10 aby nadrobić zaległości i, ogólnie rzecz biorąc, naprawdę dobrze sprzedać. Galaxy S10 jako hit sprzedaży. To najmniej znany mówią analitycy „Znany

Zetazs mini electric skateboard

MOEN has designed and developed a new mini electric skateboard named the Zetazs that weighs less than 10lbs, yet is capable of a top speed of 28km/h. Pledges are available from $390 or roughly £295 and worldwide shipping is expected to start during June 2019. To learn more about the compact electric skateboard check out the demonstration

Polar dexterity trainers CNC machined from exotic metals

Polar Metals has created a range of dexterity trainers CNC machined from exotic metals such as Copper Tungsten, 99.9% pure Copper, Zirconium or Titanium. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about how the small pocket sized objects can help you improve your dexterity and finger coordination. Launched via Kickstarter this month the project has already

I 10 migliori consigli per l’acquisto di una casa

Sei in procinto di parlare con gli agenti immobiliari dell’Abruzzo riguardo all’acquisto di una proprietà in Abruzzo, la terra verde e piacevole preferita d’Italia? Non essere guidato sul sentiero del giardino solo perché sei in bella Abruzzo – applica la stessa logica all’acquisto di una casa in Abruzzo che faresti a casa. Innanzitutto controlla quale

Samsung Galaxy Fold officiell

I kväll blev till slut Samsung Galaxy Fold officiell, även om många detaljer fortfarande återstår att presenteras. Det tog lång tid att komma till skott, Samsung påpekar själva att de visade den första prototypen 2011, men nu har företagets mobil med vikbar skärm till slut blivit en färdig produkt. Galaxy Fold som telefonen heter har

New Sony Aibo Choco Edition robot dog unveiled

Sony has this week revealed a new edition of its latest generation of Aibo robot dogs introducing the Aibo Choco Edition, finished in two shades of brown and sporting white paws and legs. The new Sony Aibo Choco Edition robot is now available to preorder throughout Japan with shipping expected to commence on February 1st, 2019.

Honor View 20 launched in India

The Honor View 20 was made official earlier this month and now the handset is launching in India, the device will retail for INR 37,999 which is about $534 at the current exchange rate. The handset comes with a 6.4 inch display that features a Full HD+ resolution and it comes with a Hisilicon Kirin 980 processor.