Later this year if you are flying from Gatwick airport and leaving your car a new autonomous robot parking valet may help look after your car while you are away. Designed by Stanley Robotics the autonomous robot parking valet has been successfully trialled in Paris and Lyon and will soon be making its way to Gatwick airport. Check out the demonstration video below to learn more about the French parking robot.

Stanley Robotics has signed a deal with London’s Gatwick Airport to begin a trial of the robotic parking valet during August 2019. The cars will be stored in the long-stay car park in the South Terminal, where 170 parking spaces will be replaced by 270 robo-valet spots.

“An intelligent management software coordinates all of the robots. It also ensures a more pragmatic use of space by arranging more vehicles within a given area. The existing parking infrastructure needs little modification. Thanks to our service, you can now leave your vehicle directly at the parking entrance in a spacious, well-maintained and well-lit dedicated area. No more manoeuvres! No more lines! No more anxiety! You can now save time and avoid unnecessary stress, all while keeping your keys in your pocket!”

More details on the unique parking valet jump over to the official Stanley Robotics website by following the link below.

Source: Stanley Robotics : New Atlas

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