Polar Metals has created a range of dexterity trainers CNC machined from exotic metals such as Copper Tungsten, 99.9% pure Copper, Zirconium or Titanium. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about how the small pocket sized objects can help you improve your dexterity and finger coordination.

Launched via Kickstarter this month the project has already raised its required pledge of with still 16 days remaining on its campaign. The early bird pages are available from $25 and worldwide shipping is expected to commence during July 2019.

“The Polar Dexterity Toy is manipulated with the fingers with of one or both hands to train dexterity, perform tricks or as an advanced stress relief/fidget device. Our Polar dexterity toy is a great desk companion, social magnet and piece of art! Our Copper-Tungsten (WCu) toy is by far the densest available. Denser than silver, lead and even mercury! We combined 30% copper with 70% tungsten for a strong and durable metal matrix that can withstand all the impacts and drops you can throw at it.”

For more details on the Polar Dexterity Toy and the different finishes and materials available jump over to the official Kickstarter project page.

Source: Kickstarter

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